EUFMC 2019

The 2019 EUFMC (Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference) has officially closed and PowerBully was on hand to display the new 5T track carrier, outfitted with the Effer 135 crane, distributed by Altec

For over 60 years, the EUFMC has brought together Fleet Executives from almost 100 power companies in and around North America, who today, average a yearly vehicle spend close to $4 billion, along with another $2B allocated for parts/labor.  

The EUFMC continues to be one the major events in the utility fleet space, and PowerBully is honored to be part of this long standing tradition.  From the 5T to the 18T, along with the Scout, and future vehicles under development, PowerBully continues to work closely with the utility industry to ensure the wants and needs of this market are reflected in our track carriers.