Where others reach their limits, PowerBully starts: The high-capacity tracked vehicles transport personnel, work equipment and material through rough terrain. 


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One Chassis. Countless possibilities

The all-terrain PowerBully Chassis-models are mobile platforms on which attachments can be installed. 


Developed for attachments: Standardized interfaces enable time- and cost-saving assembly. 

Fits perfectly 

Standard truck frame width

The frame of all PowerBully chassis models has the standard truck width ( 864mm/ 34"), so that all body attachments can be mounted without adjustments. 


Hole lines for mounting

The frame (open C-profile) contains rows of holes for mounting attachments. This saves you time and allows you to install superstructures with ease. 

The entire engine power can be used to drive the attachment via the power take-off. The maximum transmittable torque in continuous operation is 600 Nm ( 149kW @  2000 Diesel engine speed) Short-time duty 900 Newton meters. 

Power Supply 

The electrical body interfaces enable precise coordination between vehicles and body equipment. 

Safety in the terrain

When it comes to the safety of your crew, PowerBully knows no compromise. 

In combination with the mounted cab and the suspended driver ´´  s seat ...

OUR Chassis ModeLS

Discover our PowerBully chassis models in different payload classes!

PowerBully 9C

PowerBully 12C

PowerBully 18T


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