Not only does the PowerBully Track Carrier provide maximum performance over some of the most difficult terrain, when it comes to Service we have set the bar equally as high and are able bring you a Best-in-Class service network that ensures you have direct access to your local tech’s, direct access to our exclusive on-line parts inventory, with overnight parts availability as well as access to our service portals and on-going service schools to ensure you team is up to date on the latest and greatest the PowerBully has to offer.  

Count on PowerBully as your experienced partner who supports you, your company and your project in all aspects. PowerBully means Profitability.

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The PowerBully 18T is the first commercial track carrier to provide, as standard, the interface for your Fleet Department and Service Tech’s to enable telemetry-based fleet management systems.

Based on real-time data, Fleet Managers now have a direct view into the PowerBully and can inspect over 100+ data points, indicating everything from engine speed, vehicle travel, oil quality, hours in use, etc. all to ensure long life cycle and reduce any downtime.   Our telemetry package is a big benefit to your service department as your Technician will know exactly what needs to be repaired on the carrier or attachment, and can get to the job site with the proper tools and parts, saving time and money.

PowerBully 18T: Das weltweit erste Nutzfahrzeug mit Telemetrie