PowerBully: Performance. Safety. Comfort. 

PowerBully sets new standards in off-road tracked vehicles


The large running wheels make it possible for the running gear to optimally adjust to the ground and for PowerBully to drive over uneven surfaces with ease.

Laupheim, 02/12/2024 - PowerBully tracked vehicles are made especially for operating in rough terrain: With a payload capacity of over 11.5 tons and minimum ground pressure the off-road tracked vehicles transport bulk solids, materials and attachments to job sites that can’t be reached with wheeled vehicles.

High performance in difficult terrain: Large running wheels and cab suspension
PowerBully tracked vehicles stand out for their large running wheels. The steel running wheels each with the best-in-class diameter of 87 cm are mounted on pendulum axles and make it possible for the running gear to optimally adjust to the ground. This construction design enables PowerBully to cross over uneven terrain with ease. Also unique in the industry is the suspended cab that PowerBully provides standard. The hydraulic bearings act as shock absorbers and, in combination with the large running wheels, result in extremely smooth running. As a result, PowerBully operators can maintain a constantly higher speed even on rough ground.

Another plus of the large running wheels is that, compared to smaller wheels, they’re more wear-resistant and don’t require any top rollers. These features are reflected in an increased service life and in optimized maintenance costs.

Powerful and efficient powertrain
The high-performance 6-cylinder Cummins engine with up to 285 HP provides PowerBully with the power for off-road use. The hydrostatic drive enables precise maneuvering in challenging environments. All PowerBully models are the only tracked utility vehicles equipped with a rear drive. Not only does it provide high traction and fuel efficiency, but also results in a comfortable noise level in the cab. In addition, the rear drive allows for the use of asymmetric belt tracks, which make for an even lower ground pressure.

Works everywhere: PowerBully features low ground pressure, fording depth and climb rate
With PowerBully the job site never stands still: Thanks to the tracks’ large contact area the vehicles have a minimum ground pressure of less than 200 g/cm², which is many times lower than for conventional wheeled vehicles. As a result, PowerBully moves across soft, muddy and low bearing terrains with ease and guarantees operational reliability, regardless of the weather conditions. With a fording depth of more than 1.35 m PowerBully reliably carries out jobs in near-shore or flooded areas too. The climb rate of 60% (31°) uphill and downhill and 40% (22°) sideways makes it possible to work safely on steep slopes.

All-round visibility for increased safety
In the PowerBully cab, the largest one on the market, the operator has an unobstructed view of the entire work area. Large windows and the slant engine housing ensure an unimpaired view of the vehicle’s surroundings. The 360° or rear-view camera and electrically adjustable side view mirrors round out the all-round visibility. Even after dark or in poor visibility conditions the high-quality LED lighting guarantees optimum illumination for a safe work environment.

Safe and robust from the ground up
The spacious cabin provides the operator with a lot of room to move around. All PowerBully models are ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structures) certified as standard and protect the operator. PowerBully is the only vehicle in its class to also be FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structures) Level II certified as standard. This way the operator is protected against falling objects like rocks or branches in the cabin itself without an extra rooftop grid. A range of other functions like the 2-axis inclination sensor round out the PowerBully safety package.

Comfortable, ergonomic and user-friendly: The PowerBully cab
The workspace in the PowerBully cab is customized to the individual needs of the operator. The suspended seat can be adapted to the weight of the driver and adjusted in height and depth. This way working comfortably is guaranteed even during long periods of use. PowerBully can be optionally equipped with either a steering wheel or a single-hand joystick, which makes it possible to maneuver the vehicle with precision and ease. Further vehicle functions can be controlled by the control console in the armrest and the clearly laid-out 11-inch touch display. The operator also receives automatic reminders on the display about upcoming maintenance. The dump body of the dumper models can be lowered automatically during travel by tapping on an additional joystick, with the result that the operator can focus his full attention on the route.

The intuitive operation of the vehicles and the ergonomic cabin setup are enhanced by air conditioning, heating, a radio with Bluetooth and a hands-free kit as well as USB connections for smartphone loading. At the same time, the cab provides enough storage space for tools, backpacks, and personal items, and even the cup holder is climatized. As a result, PowerBully is setting new standards in terms of comfort during lengthy work assignments.

Presentation in Paris
At INTERMAT (April 24-27, 2024), attendees will have the opportunity to see the new PowerBully 12D in action.


Unique among manufacturers, PowerBully provides a mounted cab that’s also shock absorbent. The combination of large running wheels and suspended cab ensures very smooth running. As a result, with PowerBully operators can maintain a consistently higher speed on uneven terrain.


With a fording depth of more than 1.35 m PowerBully passes standing water and flooded areas with ease.