PowerBully 9C with Terex® TC55 Aerial

High level of safety, low ground pressure

The hydraulically extendable articulated arm offers high flexibility.

PowerBully is debuting a PowerBully 9C with a TC55 Aerial attachment from Terex® at the EUFMC 2024 in Williamsburg, VA. The machine was built in cooperation with Custom Truck One Source, a company headquartered in Kansas City, MO.

Specially developed for use in the energy supply industry
This attachment on a PowerBully 9C (payload: 9 t) is the result of successful collaboration with Terex® and Custom Truck One Source (CTOS). The all-terrain tracked vehicle offers customers in the energy sector safe access to aboveground power lines and telecommunication lines.

The PowerBully 9C is the first implement carrier vehicle in the 9-ton payload class to be presented on the North American market at the EUFMC 2024. As part of the new PowerBully vehicle generation, the PowerBully 9C features outstanding off-road performance, high safety standards and maximum driving comfort.

The TC55 Aerial is equipped with a 2-person work basket and an articulated arm that is hydraulically extendable. With radial booms in front and back as well as the hydraulic winch with a pulling force of 30,000 pounds, the TC55 is ideally equipped for challenging tasks in the construction and industrial areas.

Work where other machines reach their limits
The PowerBully 9C is equipped with a 6-cylinder Cummins engine and a hydrostatic propulsion drive. The rear-wheel drive provides for a high degree of traction and a driving speed of 14.5 km/h. With a slope angle of 45°, it is even possible to drive on uneven ground and to cross trenches. 

The endless rubber tracks with a width of 700 mm offer a large contact surface. This results in low ground pressure: at only 0.19 kg/cm², this is many times lower than for wheeled machines. With its wading depth of 1.20 m, the PowerBully 9C can also drive through swampy or flooded areas without any difficulty.

Safer and more comfortable workstation
All PowerBully cabs come standard with ROPS and FOPS certification (Level I and II). Large windows and the down-slanted engine housing provide the operator with a 360-degree view that is unrivaled on the market. Thanks to the LED worklights, the workstation is optimally illuminated even at night and in bad weather. In addition, PowerBully offers numerous other functions to increase driving safety, such as a 2-axis incline sensor with acoustic warning function and additional protective grilles for the cab.

The cab and driver's seat have a suspension system, which makes for a very smooth ride on difficult terrain in conjunction with the large running wheels. All of the machine's functions are easy to control with the 11" touch display and the intuitively arranged operating buttons.

Preparing for the energy sector
By offering the PowerBully 9C, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is expanding its previous product portfolio of powerful implement carrier vehicles for the energy sector. The new PowerBully models come from the factory with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical interfaces, which make the process for installing attachments fast and easy. The open C-profile frame with predrilled rows of holes has a standard width of 864 mm. The power take-off (PTO) generates engine power for the drive of the attachment. 12 V and 24 V options are available for supplying the attachments with power. The electrical interfaces for the attachments enable precise coordination of machine and attachment.

PowerBully 9C with a Terex® TC55.