PowerBully rolls off the production line

Ready for off-road use  

PowerBully production

A few weeks ago, series production of the new PowerBully models began in Laupheim. 

After successfully introducing the new PowerBully models in Europe and the United States, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is now achieving the next milestone in the area of tracked utility vehicles: Series production of the new PowerBully models began this fall at the factory in Laupheim.

Four models for a wide variety of requirements and applications
PowerBully is expanding its existing product range with two new series that cover payloads from 7.5 to 13 metric tons. The new additions to the portfolio are the PowerBully 9D (payload: 7.5 metric tons) and PowerBully 12D (payload: 11.5 metric tons) tracked dumpers, with which PowerBully is opening up new use cases in the construction industry. As before, the new models in the chassis variant are also available without a dump body (payload: 9 or 13.2 metric tons) and serve as mobile platforms for attachments and superstructures such as cranes, lifting platforms and special equipment.

Built for challenging conditions
The fall and winter months are trying times for construction projects. Rain and snow make the ground soft and muddy, prevent conventional wheeled vehicles from making headway and hamper the transportation of materials and bulk solids. To make sure that operations at the construction site can continue and to ensure access to the site of deployment even without the time-consuming construction of access roads, special vehicles are in demand more than ever. 

PowerBully tracked vehicles have a minimum ground pressure of less than 200 g/cm², which makes it possible to drive on soil with a low bearing capacity. The high traction of the machines ensures that PowerBully keeps moving forward where conventional machines reach their limits. The wading depth of over 1.35 m means that it is also possible to work near shorelines and in flooded areas.

The outstanding off-road characteristics open up a wide range of potential application areas for PowerBully. The tracked vehicles are used in both the construction industry and the power supply sector. Due to the rising number of floods and landslides resulting from extreme weather events, PowerBully is increasingly also being used in the area of fire and disaster control, for example, for the transportation of relief supplies.

PowerBully 12D

The PowerBully 12D, a tracked dumper with a payload of 11.5 metric tons, is one of four new PowerBully models.