PowerBully presents new vehicle generation at the Matexpo in Belgium

With its off-road potential, PowerBully masters any terrain.

The Matexpo, a trade show for construction equipment and construction techniques, is being held from September 6 to 10, 2023 in Kortrijk (Belgium). There, PowerBully will present a new generation of all-terrain tracked vehicles that have been specially developed for use in the construction industry. 

Overview of the new models 

The new generation includes two vehicle models with a payload of up to 7.5 metric tons in Series 9 and two vehicle models with a payload of up to 13.2 metric tons in Series 12. The models are available as either a tracked dumper or a mobile implement carrier with interfaces for attaching various tools. 

Powerful drive and high off-road capability 

All PowerBully models are equipped with a 6-cylinder Cummins engine with 235 or 285 metric HP and a hydrostatic propulsion drive. Since the machine has a high-performance engine and large running wheels that adapt to the ground surface optimally, you can drive the machine at a speed of 14.5 km/h and work with it even at challenging deployment sites. With a slope angle of 45°, it is even possible to drive on uneven ground and to cross trenches. 

The continuous rubber tracks with a width of 750 mm offer a large contact surface. This results in low ground pressure: at only 0.19 kg/cm², this is many times lower than for wheeled vehicles. This is how it is possible to drive on soil with a low bearing capacity. In addition, the low ground pressure reduces the effects on the ground to a minimum. 

Thanks to the wading depth of more than 1.20 m, PowerBully can also drive through swampy or flooded areas without any difficulty. PowerBully makes it possible to work all year round – regardless of the weather conditions. 

Versatile attachment options: platform or dump truck 

The PowerBully 9D and 12D tracked dumpers are equipped with a rugged dump body made of Hardox steel. With a load volume of 5 m³ or 6.4 m³ and a payload of 7.5 t or 11.5 t, the dump trucks enable large quantities of earth or bulk solids to be transported.  

The PowerBully 9C and 12C models have standardized interfaces, which make it easier to install a wide variety of tools, such as hook lifts, cranes, drills, lifting platforms and roll-off tippers. This makes the models highly versatile.   

Focus on safety and comfort 

The spacious PowerBully cabs come as standard with ROPS and FOPS certification. The large field of view, electrically adjustable side mirrors and 360° camera offer the operator maximum safety as they work. The machines come with the option of a one-hand joystick or an adjustable steering wheel. The suspended cab, air-suspended driver's seat and ergonomic arrangement of the control elements provide for fatigue-free work, even on long deployments. In addition, the air-conditioned cab provides enough storage space for personal items as well as a radio with Bluetooth and handsfree calling and further comfort features.  

Visitors at the Matexpo in Kortrijk can see for themselves all the features of the new PowerBully models. The team is looking forward to a large number of interested visitors outside at booth D16b. 


The large wheels and the endless rubber tracks adapt to the ground, offering a smooth ride and stability while driving and working on uneven terrain. 

Big windows, a suspended seat and intuitive control elements: The PowerBully cabs provides safety and comfort to the operator.