4Me Machines is PowerBully dealer in the Netherlands

Dealer 4Me Maschines

f.l.t.r. Matthias Zick (PowerBully), Christian Hovius (4Me Machines), Martin van Ginkel (4Me Machines) Benjamin Sinnl (PowerBully)

4Me Machines from Nijkerk is official PowerBully dealer in the Netherlands since March 08, 2023. The company has already been established as a dealer for Komatsu excavators in the Dutch construction industy for many years. Besides selling the machines, 4Me Machines also offers vehicles for rent .

Working where other vehicles reach their limits
The PowerBully is 4Me Machines' latest addition to its portfolio of all-terrain vehicles for challenging applications: With the low ground pressure, the fording ability and the high all-terrain mobility the track vehicles drive easily over low-bearing, uneven or flooded soil. With payloads up to 11.5 tons PowerBully is suitable for the transport of large amounts of soil or bulk material. In the chassis version the vehicles can also be equipped with different attachments such as lifting platforms, cranes or hook lifts.

Ceremony in Nijkerk
The new partnership was officially agreed during a visit to the 4Me Machines company site in Nijkerk. Another item on the day's agenda was the handover of a PowerBully 9D and a technical product training. 

In the coming weeks the vehicle will be presented to various customers as part of field operations. The first operation took place the following day on the beach in the municipality of Egmond aan Zee, where a new beach restaurant is being built.

Presentation in the Netherlands continues
In the coming weeks the PowerBully 9D will be presented to the construction industry. At the Technischen Kontaktdagen 2023 in Almere, interested persons will also have the opportunity to experience PowerBully live and drive it themselves.

Would you also like to get to know the new PowerBully models on your construction site? Contact us at sales@powerbully.com

The PowerBully 9D was presented in detail to the 4Me Machines team during a technical product training.

Transport of the PowerBully 9D to the location Egmond aan Zee.

The first operation of the PowerBully 9D: Transport work on the beach of Egmond aan Zee.