PowerBully presents dump trucks

Highly mobile all-terrain vehicles for the construction industry

With its off-road potential, PowerBully masters any terrain.

At bauma 2022, Kässbohrer is presenting a new generation of highly mobile all-terrain tracked vehicles for use in the construction industry. With a payload of over 11.5 metric tons and ultra-low ground pressure, the dump trucks enable you to transport large quantities of material or tools over ground that is muddy, soft and hard to negotiate.

Designed for off-road use
PowerBully is designed for challenging jobs. All models are equipped with a 6-cylinder Cummins engine with 235 or 285 metric HP and a hydrostatic propulsion drive. The rear-wheel drive provides for a high degree of traction and a maximum driving speed of 14.5 km/h. With a slope angle of 45°, it is even possible to drive on uneven ground and to cross trenches.

The endless rubber tracks with a width of 750 mm offer a large contact surface. This results in low ground pressure: at only 0.19 kg/cm², this is many times lower than for wheeled vehicles. This is how it is possible to drive on soil with a low bearing capacity. In addition, the low ground pressure reduces the effects on the ground to a minimum.

Thanks to the wading depth of more than 1.30 m, PowerBully can also drive through swampy or flooded areas without any difficulty. PowerBully makes it possible to work all year round – regardless of the weather conditions.

Move large quantities
With a payload of 11.5 metric tons and a capacity of 8.8 m³, PowerBully transports large volumes safely and efficiently to any jobsite. The dump bed can be controlled easily while driving, using the joystick. The dump bed is also available with additional capacity and a mechanical tailgate that simplifies the unloading process.

Safe and comfortable workplace
All PowerBully cabs are ROPS and FOPS certified as a standard. Large windows, the sloped engine hood and the 360° camera system provide the operator with outstanding panoramic view. The LED working lights in the front and in the back illuminate the workplace at night or in bad weather conditions.

The cab and the operator’s seat are both suspended. Together with the large running wheels, smooth rides are guaranteed, even on rough terrain. All vehicle functions can be controlled easily via the 11” touch display and the control buttons on the armrest. The PowerBully cabs are also available as wide cabs, offering maximum comfort on long working days.

More uptime, high availability

Premium components and the rugged design of the track dumpers make PowerBully a durable and reliable solution for any job. Maintenance of the vehicles is simple and timesaving thanks to the easily accessible maintenance points. All PowerBully models are the only tracked all-terrain vehicles equipped with telemetry. This enables remote diagnosis in the event of service and thus ensures that the vehicles are ready for operation again in a short time. In addition, the position data of the vehicles can be viewed via the telemetry interface, enabling fleet management.

World premiere at bauma

At the bauma (October 24th-30th, 2022), visitors have the chance to discover two new dump trucks (PowerBully 12D and PowerBully 9D) and one chassis model equipped with a hooklift (PowerBully 9C). The PowerBully team is looking forward to many visitors at booth 926/3 in the outdoor area.