PowerBully 5T FireFighter

PowerBully 5T FireFighter is well suited for initial attack, mop up and trench digging. A strong chassis to pull plows for creating fire line breaks.
Wildfires are an ever present danger - especially during prolonged periods of little moisture and gusty winds. To be ready, firefighters rely on specialized tracked firefighting vehicles. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MI DNR) is responsible for fighting wildfires in Michigan. They also help fight fires in other states. Most recently MI DNR sent personnel to battle the huge wild fires burning in southern California this past January. The Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan is covered with forest. It is vital to the local economy and recreational pursuits. An example of the negative impact wildfires can have is the Duck Lake Fire of 2012. It consumed well over 21,000 acres (8,500 hectares) destroying 136 structures including one motel and a store. Over 250 personnel from numerous fire departments and other agencies worked the fire along 40 miles (64 km) of fire line. It took three weeks to fully contain. Proving its mettle
Fast forward to early fall of 2016. The Michigan DNR contacted PowerBully to see what it could offer in the way of a track vehicle that could carry firefighting equipment to out of the way places. An onsite demonstration was arranged with the PowerBully 5T. MI DNR chose a really swampy/muddy area in the Upper Peninsula. Wisconsin DNR and Minnesota DNR, both of which use track machines for wild fire mitigation, were also invited to the demonstration. Experience is key
PowerBully has many specialized firefighting units at work in several states including North Carolina, Maryland and Florida. The ability to navigate through difficult terrain not accessible by wheeled vehicles while carrying a high capacity [up to 1000 gallon (3785 liters)] water tank are key reasons for their popularity. The means to the end
The demo went exceedingly well. The 5T outdid the competition in the deep muck. Michigan DNR has since ordred two PowerBully 5T FireFighters customized to their requests to be delivered in Spring 2018. MI DNR will mount their own firefighting equipment on the back deck. In various configurations this includes a water pump, water and firefighting foam tanks, draw hoses (to pull water from a lake or river), various nozzles and hoses, auxiliary engine and other gear. With PowerBully in the field, Michigan DNR will be ready for the fire season!