PowerBully 5T firefighter

PowerBully 5T combats wildland fires in Michigan

Fighting wildfires in the USA last season cost the federal government more than $2.5 billion, making it the most expensive wildfire season in history.  More than 4 million hectares (10 million acres) burned in wildfires across the country.  Government agencies must have up-to-date equipment capable of effectively fighting these fires. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources now has two new PowerBully 5T Firefighter tracked carriers to help them in this fight.  Each PowerBully 5T Firefighter will be fitted with a 3000 liter (800 gallon) water tank.  

Once the water in the tank has been emptied by fighting forest fire, special plumbing systems will be in place so that water can be drafted from a nearby river or lake to re-fill the vehicle's tank and allow these units to continue fighting the fire.  Additional equipment will include pump controls, hose reels, and storage compartments for hand tools. Wildfires can spread rapidly even in swamp-like terrain when conditions are dry.  The PowerBully 5T has low ground pressure even when fully loaded which allows it to navigate in soft terrain and combat wildland fires in low ground areas.