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With rubber X-tracks or steel tracks, PowerBully track carriers are capable of getting through your difficult, off road terrain that surrounds your job site.  With their low ground pressure and availability of attachments, the PowerBully is a perfect tool for the oil and gas pipeline industry as our track carriers can safely transport your crew, tools, equipment and welding tents and shade to the muddiest of job sites.

Any Terrain, Any time

PowerBully track carriers safely transport work equipment, material and people to the most remote locations. 


PowerBully track carrier in use on rough terrain


60 % uphill / downhill - 40 % sideways 

PowerBully track carrier in use on rough terrain

Ground pressure

minimum 0,134kg/cm² (1,9 PSI) 

PowerBully track carrier in use on rough terrain

Fording depth

up to 1.400 mm (4')

PowerBully track carrier track profile


Rubber X-track with replaceable cleats

Rugged Chassis for any attachment

PowerBully track carrier for different attachments

Maxium Carrier Up-Time

High quality components that are easily accessible for maintenance intervals, along with a “best-in-class” Global service network makes PowerBully a reliable solution for you.

PowerBully track carrier track view
Durable and robust

Quality Components

From Cummins to Rexroth, all components are certified and tested to ensure ease of maintenance. This ensures a long life cycle for your track carriers, while ensuring your operators can safely access the job site.

world map PowerBully global network
24/7 Service and Parts

Global service network

With 60+ representatives worldwide, you always have a contact near you.  Either it's parts, service or information on our track carriers, all your needs are one click or one call away!

PowerBully track carriers in use at power lines
Quick assistance


Your Service Technician, or Fleet Manager, can remotely connect to PowerBully, reading over 100 data points and parameters, as well as GPS data, in real time, providing quick solutions, saving time and money on the job site


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