Hydraulic engineering

Their robust and comfortable chassis and a fording depth of 1,400 mm allows PowerBully track carriers to cross rivers and work in bodies of water. Thanks to their low ground pressure, the track carriers transport material and implements safely over rough terrain and through mud and mire. The climbing ability and the lateral inclination angle of the tracked vehicles also make ditch crossings possible without any problems and extend the application possibilities of these vehicles to almost any terrain.   


PowerBully track carriers safely transport work equipment, material and people to the most remote locations. 


PowerBully track carrier in use on rough terrain


60 % uphill / downhill - 40 % sideways 

PowerBully track carrier in use on rough terrain

Low Ground pressure

minimum 0,134kg/cm² (1,9 PSI) 

PowerBully track carrier in use on rough terrain

Fording depth

up to 1.400 mm 

PowerBully track carrier track profile


X-Track with cleated design for strong grip on steep and muddy slopes, herringbone pattern track profile 

Easy mounting of attachments
PowerBully track carrier for different attachments

High quality and robust components, low maintenance requirements as well as the worldwide service network and telemetry capability make PowerBully a reliable solution for your operation. 


PowerBully track carrier track view
Durable and robust

Components quality

Best in class: All components are certified and tested.  

world map PowerBully global network
24/7 Service and Parts

Global service network 

With 60+ representatives worldwide, you always have a contact near you.  

PowerBully track carriers in use for power lines maintenance
Quick assistance


The service technician can connect to the vehicle remotely and read out relevant service and maintenance parameters as well as GPS data in real time. Diagnoses and repairs can thus be carried out even faster and more cost-effectively.  


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