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PowerBully 18T

Payloads up to 36,600 lbs

Strong and rugged

For challenging tasks
The all new PowerBully 18T from Kassbohrer has arrived. It already is making a strong innovative statement in the track tool carrier marketplace.

It starts with the driver's cab. A truly modern design that incorporates both form and function. ROPS / FOPS is integrated within the cabin structure. The operator's cockpit provides practical details to ensure workplace efficiency: iTerminal with touch screen; electronic steering control (steering wheelor sticks); air suspension driver's seat with multiple adjustments; climate control; LED working lights both front and rear for superior visibility at night; rear view camera, cruise control ... the list goes on.


Better. Where it counts.


The 18T QuickMount chassis is designed with the upfitter in mind. The frame rails are matched to industry standard width of 34 inches. As the name implies, digger derricks, cranes or man lifts can be fitted faster.


Yet another innovative feature of the new PowerBully 18T is X track. This is a high performance rubber track. It has an aggressive cleat design that provides good stability and strong grip pressure.

18T Engine

The Cummins engine with Rexroth hydrostatic transmission brings pure power.


High torque at low revs provides the punch needed with low noise and excellent fuel economy. The EPA Tier 4 final exhaust after treatment is state-of-the-art. It’s compact size is key to a low vehicle profile.

Technical Data

Type Cummins B6.7 turbo diesel
Cylinders 6
Displacement 6.7 l / 6,700 cc
Power output (ECE) 231 kW (310 hp)
max. torque 1,288 Nm (951 lb ft) @ 1500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 350 l (92 gal) 92.5 gal
Exhaust emission standard Tier 4F



PowerBully 18T
file type: PDF
file size: 4.34 MB



Benjamin Sinnl

Head of Business Unit Utility
Telephone: +49 7392 900 - 486
Cellular phone: +49 170 294 32 38
Fax: +49 7392 900 - 445
Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG
Kässbohrerstraße 11
88471 Laupheim

Scott Merrill

Vice President of PowerBully
Telephone: +1 775 857 5000 207
Cellular phone: +1 775 846 4473
Fax: +1 775 857 5020
Kässbohrer All Terrain Vehicles Inc.
8850 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, Nevada 89521
United States

Rod Elwell

Service Manager for North America
Telephone: +1 775 857 5030
Fax: +1 775 857 5010
Kässbohrer All Terrain Vehicles Inc.
8850 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, Nevada 89521
United States

Heike Tate

Spare Parts Manager
Telephone: +1 770 386 6984
Fax: +1 770 386 6890
Kässbohrer All Terrain Vehicles Inc.
10 Curtis Court S.W.
Cartersville, GA 30120
United States
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