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ConExpo 2017

17 May 2017

PowerBully debuted two new track carriers at ConExpo 2017. This is the largest exhibition for construction equipment in North America. It is held every 3rd year in Las Vegas and is on par in scope and size with the Bauma show in Munich Germany. Attendance numbers in excess of 125,000 people. This year there were over 2.500 exhibitors. The total exhibit space was more than 232,000 m² (2,500,000 sq ft).

PowerBully 12 RT: the ideal mix of power, weight and size
A show highlight was the PowerBully 12 RT. This rubber track carrier has a rotating dump body that can be smoothly turned and tipped through 180⁰. Equally impressive is the rotating driver's cockpit to ensure perfect visibility front and rear. The unique combination of the two makes time consuming turning manoeuvers on unstable ground unnecessary and increases work safety. The PowerBully 12 RT is equipped with a start-of-the art Cummins diesel engine. It fulfills the strict EPA exhaust emission standards of Tier 4 Final. The PowerBully 12 RT is also set apart by its new comfort cab. It has ample interior space, an air suspension driver's seat, automatic heating/air-conditioning, heated front windshield and a high quality interior.

PowerBully 15 T: 100% performance on any terrain
The all new PowerBully 15 T was also of keen interest. With a payload of 35,000 lb (16 ton metric) this track carrier features the new Quick Mount truck style chassis. Attachments such as digger derricks or man lifts can be more quickly fitted with the Quick Mount system.
The advantages of the PowerBully 15 T carrier were apparent at first sight. It is equipped with a custom developed, ergonomically designed cabin. The ROPS structure is certified to 65,000 lbs. It also has FOPS protection. As with the 12 RT the PowerBully 15 T is powered by a Cummins QSB 6.7 liter diesel engine that is rated to 275 hp and meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.
"This next generation PowerBully 15 T really focuses on the needs of its users, both from the view point of the up-fitter, as well as of the fleet departments that work with these machines," according to John Gilbert, CEO of Kässbohrer All Terrain Vehicles, the manufacturer of PowerBully track carriers. "Our goal has been to provide ease-of-use and full access for all features of this powerful carrier. From the custom operator cabin to the easily accessed 3rd pump pad for attachment installation, we're giving users what will enable them to get their job done efficiently and safely."

PowerBully Scout: the transport genius
As an added attraction the PowerBully Scout was on display. This 5-10 man transport vehicle is designed for driving work crews in a comfortable ROPS certified cabin while protected from the elements. The Scout offers contractors an economical way to transport personnel to the job site where terrain is too soft for wheeled vehicles.

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