PowerBully in Orlando, Florida

10 August 2016

Kässbohrer would like to welcome the newest addition to the PowerBully family-Orange County Government, Florida - Solid Waste Division. The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the landfill that takes care of all of Orlando, Florida, so you can imagine this is a busy place. With over 5000 acres (2025 hectares) under his supervision, Mr. Doug McPherson, the Utility Section Manager for the County, is constantly looking for new and innovative equipment to help maintain the landfill, while ensuring that all employees are working in a safe environment with high quality equipment. Orange County recently took delivery of a PowerBully 12 RT tracked dumper.

One of the areas Mr. McPherson is focusing on are "cells" which are portions of the landfill that are complete and covered for composting. Once these areas are full they become known as a "finished area" and his team then begins the process to cover the cell and seed it for grass.

In the past, the County used rubber tire machines which would leave ruts in the new sod. Consequently, Orange County would have to spend a lot of time and money repairing the damaged terrain. Mr. McPherson was certain there was a more efficient and economical way to handle this work and through the due diligence of machine demonstrations, the County realized that a track vehicle would be the solution. With the low ground pressure, these machines would neither disturb the area nor leave ruts. Ground repair costs would be minimized.

When asked what were the features of the PowerBully 12 RT that really impressed him and his team, he stated, "Without a doubt, the spacious cabin and steering wheel were major factors in the decision".

According to Mr. McPherson, "I feel the rubber track dump trucks are a new concept to our operations and valuable to us on building berms for our dirt pits, maintaining roads for our fire lines throughout our landfill. There are a lot of possibilities that we haven't even touched yet. The PowerBully 12 RT has been a great purchase for our Solid Waste Division."

Welcome to the PowerBully family!

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